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Wilmington, NC

Christina Wood

I have been covering technology since before Bill met Melinda and you met Google. I've written the Family Tech column in Family Circle magazine and the Deal Seeker column at Yahoo! Tech. I also write about education, parenting, and many other topics for many other publications. Clients include, CIO, The Week, Experience Magazine, Discovery, Better Homes and Gardens, Popular Science, This Old House Magazine, USA Weekend, PC Magazine, PC World, Saks Fifth Avenue, and many others.


Save data and money with this backup power supply for your home office (Deal of the Day)

If you have a home office, and rely on it for your livelihood, preparing for power outages means more than just having a flashlight handy. Unless you plug your essential work tools into a UPS (uninterruptable power supply), a storm or power failure could cost you hours of work — which means money.
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Tired of Packing Your Own Suitcase? DUFL Will Do It for You (Deal of the Day)

You know that scene in Up in the Air when traveling HR consultant George Clooney gives us all a lesson in how to pack light for flying? I have actually used his advice many times and found it solid. But I’ve found a service — DUFL — that makes packing and lugging luggage a thing of the past. Here’s how it works: You sign up at DUFL before your trip (well before your trip).
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The Best Activity Trackers for Staying Fit

Our roundup of the best wearable activity trackers that help you count how much exercise you are getting daily.
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Teach Your Kids to Create the Future

Written on December 5, 2013 at 12:33 pm , by Christina Tynan-Wood. And when shopping for your kids, I suggest you think about the role you can play in nurturing that sort of brilliance. You might know that much of the amazing innovation we have seen in our lives started with a famous statement by John F.
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Back-to-School Tech Tools: E-Readers, Tablets and More

How Times Change It doesn't seem so long ago that in our family, back-to-school shopping involved endless wandering through stores while gathering folders, erasers and notebooks by the dozens. Now our son and daughter (ages 16 and 13) are all about technology, preferably the portable kind.
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8 school-smart tablets

Is a tablet on your child's back-to-school list? Check out our tech experts' top picks.
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Five Fine Things ::

I try out a lot of gear around here. It's all part of the daily life of a tech journalist. It's how I keep up, how I can recommend products at the drop of a hat when an editor calls me, and how I can throw together an emergency story when my favorite editor calls me because she's in a desperate situation.
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Five Great (Bargain) Finds ::

Steam Punk Bling Who says handmade and unique has to be expensive? I bought a pair of these earrings and love them. I'll be going back for more of this artist's creations. They turn humble hardware - washers, in this case - into a bit of casual bling.
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High-Tech Gadgets for Dads and Grads

They want the hippest, hottest tech stuff on the market. You don't want to buy something that will seem outdated (or worse, just lame) in a month. Solution? Choose from these awesome options that earned two thumbs up in our hands-on tests.
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Do You Think the Internet is a Distraction? ::

Okay, I'm procrastinating. My to-do list has 29 projects and 473 tasks on it. And writing a blog post where I intentionally set out to use the Internet to distract you from productive work is not even on that list. But I don't care. I'm doing it.
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Keeping an iPad Safe in the Kitchen

My son recently installed the Allrecipes app on our iPad and began rummaging around the kitchen asking, "Do we have Cream of Tartar? What is Cream of Tartar? Do we have Baking Soda? How about Baking Powder? What's the difference?" I am happy to see his interest in eating sugary desserts inspiring him to create them.
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Should I Give My Teen a Kindle Fire?

My daughter Ava (13) is an avid reader. I bought her a Kindle (2nd Generation) for Christmas two years ago and it has been her constant companion since. It helps her to read constantly because there is no pause between finishing one book and moving on to another.
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Christina Wood